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When Everything Sucks Change Your Perspective

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“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat” by Napoleon Hill

Crappy situations have a bad reputation. And it seems logical.
I mean, who likes to have crap happening to them?
You probably don’t.

How a change of perspective can help

But awful situations can actually be a wonderful opportunity for something new or something different.

Maybe it doesn’t feel like that when you’re overwhelmed with how bad your luck is.
But crappy stuff can have positive outcomes.

Many people will say that whatever crap they went through was actually the best thing that ever happened to them.

And I will say it, too.

There actually is a blog post here on Learning Ninja about the subject…

I was working at a company with bad company culture.
My job was kind of okay (not great, though) and I really liked most of my co-workers but the company culture sucked.

Every once in a while, I’d look for a new job over the years but without any serious effort…

Then I got a new boss and things changed. He was awful and I was miserable for months.
So much so that I quit without having a new job lined up. I just had to get out.

It was the best decision ever…

It sounds corny, but I truly believe that this terrible boss was a gift to get me out of there.

Had the situation been bearable, I’d still be working there. I finally got the push I needed to realign with my values.

And I will never regret this. So, if you’re in a crappy situation right now, try to think of a silver lining.
Something great can come out of this.

Maybe it’s forcing you to try something new. Maybe it’s teaching you a valuable lesson.
Or it’s showing you how resilient and strong you are.

You got this!

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