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Start small, but get started

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“From small beginnings come great things”

Persistency and consistency are key. All your efforts add up over time. You also gather more and more momentum.

So if you want to reach a goal, the most important thing is to start. Even if you just take a tiny step.

Momentum is crucial

The hardest part is starting to move when you’re not. Once you’re going, it gets easier and easier.

It’s like sitting on your couch and you don’t really want to get up to get something to drink.

But once you’re standing you might do lots of additional stuff easily (because you’re walking around anyway).

So instead of just getting your water, you’ll empty the dishwasher, check your mail and maybe even take the dog for a quick walk.

All because you got your butt off the couch.

Use momentum the right way

Momentum can also be responsible for doing things inefficiently. You probably experienced this, too.

You’re doing something and while you’re doing it, you’re thinking “It would be much faster if I changed how I do this”.

But at the same time, you don’t want to break your flow, so you continue doing it the slow way.

Let’s say you’re cleaning up a small puddle of spilled water. You do it with a cloth because that was the only thing you could grab.

You know you’d be quicker with a sponge but you’d have to stop what you’re doing and get it.

That’s why you keep doing it with the cloth, debating whether to get the sponge or not. This wouldn’t be a problem if someone gets it for you, of course.

Get started on your goals

So, use momentum to your advantage and start working on your goals. Even tiny steps can lead to great results.
You don’t have to start big.

Achieving your dreams takes time.

But you have to get started. And if you’re not sure where to start, maybe Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule can help you decide what matters to you most.

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