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No one becomes an expert overnight

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You wouldn’t tell your surgeon how to do their job, right? That would be ridiculous. We clearly appreciate the specialists here.
Yet, somehow it feels different for professions where the knowledge gap seems less obvious.

Marketing, graphic design, website designers, copywriters, artists – you name it. There are surely other professions that have the same problem, please feel free to comment below.

I listed those where I personally saw the bias.

Fast equals cheap, right?

Some clients or employers think your expertise shouldn’t cost much because “it’ll only take a few minutes”.

If you’re quick because you’re great at your job, then they should pay you accordingly. It shouldn’t devalue your contribution.

They should recognize it even more since they also benefit from faster results.

It’s not realistic to think that someone else can deliver the same results within the same time frame, quality, and budget.

Fast good cheap GIF animation showing you can't have it all

Often, decision-makers grossly underestimate how much time things actually take, too. I can’t remember all the times my former boss came to me saying “I need you to do something for me, it’ll take you 2 minutes”.

I sometimes wondered if we lived in different dimensions. Simply by listening to what he wanted, I immediately knew it would take at least 30 minutes.

And that’s not because I’m slow…

Not all Men are created qualified

When working with professionals, certain clients and management believe they are just as qualified – simply because they have an opinion or a personal preference. They like green, so green it is.

It’s easy to assume we know it all, but let’s face it: we probably don’t. No one can be great at everything.

Picture of 2 people studying to become specialists

Even more so, when someone neither trained nor learned anything in that particular field EVER. Apparently not everyone knows that reading a book on the topic or watching a few tutorials doesn’t magically turn them into qualified professionals.

Appreciate the specialists

But all is good, there are specialists for every problem anyone can have.
Make sure to appreciate their experience, the years they spent honing their skills and their expertise.

No one becomes an expert overnight, so it’s always nice to give these specialists some credit.

Who would you rather trust to cut and color your hair? Your friend after watching a Youtube tutorial, or a good (!) professional hairdresser?

Kudos to all who are still struggling to get recognized and to those, who already made it!
Have a great week,

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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