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Beautiful artwork created with an Illustrator Tutorial

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This blog is called Learning Ninja for a reason. I’m constantly learning new things. I quickly wanted to share my very first attempt on Adobe Illustrator with you.

The artwork I created looks stunning, and it’s all thanks to this awesome tutorial I found on Youtube.
I have never used Illustrator in my life.

You can create such beautiful artwork with it, but let’s face it.
It’s pretty expensive, especially when you only want to use it for fun!

So there I was, scrolling through Youtube to find a good tutorial for my first Illustrator experience ever.
Something easy, please, just to get a handle on how it works in general.

But then I came across this pretty landscape tutorial, and I simply had to do it!
It was actually super easy because the guy explains the different steps really well.

And so, even I was able to reproduce this design. Many thanks to Vestor Slate for making this possible.
It feels amazing to know that I did this myself.

Of course, there will be many more tutorials in my near future and I know that I couldn’t do one single design on my own right now.

But why not enjoy the moment and feel like a superstar for a while?

Go and find yourself a tutorial that really gets you excited about trying.


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