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Perception is the only thing that matters

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Your client’s perception is your reality

It doesn’t matter what you think.
If you believe you’re worth a premium price but your clients don’t agree, the sale is not going to happen.

You think you have a competitive advantage, but this specific feature is not important to your clients?
There goes your advantage.

As much as you want something to be true, it’s only real if your clients agree with you.
This is another fitting quote.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room

Jeff Bezos

This doesn’t only apply to clients, though.
The same is true for employers and employees.

Each time people interact you have to deal with this.
Unfortunately, it can be unfair. Sometimes you have a reputation you don’t agree with.

When their perception of you, and what you believe, don’t align, you need to either improve their perception or find a better fit for you at some point…

Maybe they weren’t a good choice to begin with.
Some people are not worth jumping through hoops for because they will never be satisfied.

But if they really matter to you, you need to seriously up your game to make sure they see you the way you want (and deserve) to be seen.

You pride yourself on being super organized but they can’t see it?

Schedule regular update sessions to show them what you’ve done so far, as well as the next steps.

This will reassure them that you got everything under control.
You could also share a rollout plan with them, so they have a great overview of the progress.

In any case, knowing what matters to your clients (or bosses) is not a guessing game. So what can we do?

Try to get true feedback

You might be surprised by the answers you get.

Client rating

Sometimes, our clients don’t see us the way we see ourselves.
Maybe they value qualities you didn’t know were this important to them.

Or they don’t care so much about the thing you thought was your main advantage.

Customer surveys allow you to get a better understanding of what your clients value, what’s most important to them and how to tweak your performance and services most efficiently.

Don’t waste time putting effort into something that’s actually not that important to your clients while dismissing another crucial quality.

As much as we like to think we know our clients, we’re not in their heads.
And what they think is your reality.

Get feedback so you know what truly matters!


Improve yourself. Improve your life!

Please comment if you would like to add anything or if you have an interesting example of a company that got it all wrong…

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