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Advent calendar – Daily inspiration 1

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It’s December. Days are short, temperatures are low and Christmas is right around the corner.

This also means, it’s time for candles, fairy string lights and Christmas songs. And depending on where you’re from, and your traditions, you might also like an Advent calendar.

And check out the Inspiring Quotes Advent Calendar 2020 that makes you feel better.

In case you’ve never heard of them: they are special calendars with 24 “doors” used to count the days until Christmas, starting on the first of December.

Every day, you open a “door” from your calendar, usually to find a piece of chocolate behind it. Parents can also prepare DIY calendars with little gifts for their kids.

I made you a little Advent Calendar for a daily dose of inspiration. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of these quotes. They all matter to me and it was great fun to prepare this for you.

Have a great December everyone!


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Click here for 2020s Inspirational Advent Calendar!

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