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Stuck? You Can Never Exhaust All Possibilities

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There is no way you can possibly know all the options you have.

We’re quick to think that all hope is lost because we tried everything.
Well, we probably didn’t.

It’s like losing your keys at home. You looked everywhere and you have no idea where they can be – there’s nowhere else to look.

Only you didn’t check everywhere.
You looked in the obvious places because they are the only ones that make sense. Okay, maybe you checked your fridge as well, just to be sure…

Until one day, they turn up in a place you wouldn’t have guessed. Or somewhere you’re sure you checked.

We’re limited by what we think is possible or likely. Accept that you don’t know everything and that there still might be other ways…

You can’t really exhaust all possibilities. There’s always something more you haven’t thought of.


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