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Don’t waste your time thinking – Start doing

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It doesn’t get us very far to think about things. Doing is so much better.

We learn from experience

So, in theory, “it should have worked like this, but in reality, it didn’t turn out like that at all”.

Thinking up a strategy (I’m using this word lightly here) purely based on theory can be such a waste of your time.

Don’t get me wrong.
Planning is great and necessary. And the more you know about the topic, the better your planning will be.

But when you’re not so experienced, you probably miss ticking a few boxes.

Let me give you an example

This summer, we had a film crew at work for a marketing campaign. Despite all the planning and meticulous organizing that was done in the months before the shoot, issues still came up at the actual shoot.

Mostly, it was due to bad faith, but you can’t really plan for bad faith and my colleague didn’t expect it at all.

Even now, after it’s been wrapped up for months, it’s still an issue that people couldn’t work as usual or had to sit at another desk for 2 hours.

The campaign is great, but in a way, it’s tainted because of this. It’s crazy.


I’m making several videos (of a different kind) next year and I will absolutely factor in that some colleagues might be a bit difficult.

I was very annoyed, too, when I got stuck in an office for 2 hours when the crew spontaneously decided to film at my desk.

Not me though, just the location.

They weren’t very nice about it either. I didn’t complain (out loud), because I’m a marketer as well and it was “for the greater good” after all. Other colleagues didn’t see it like that.

What’s the lesson?

We can’t expect everything to run as smoothly as it does in our heads. People can be stubborn or you can encounter technical and administrative problems you didn’t expect.

Trial and error will always be the best teachers.

And to gather momentum, you have to put things in motion first. So stop thinking and get the baby rolling!



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