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You have to start to be great – Inspiration 23

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Don’t let perfectionism mess with your head.

Of course, you want everything to be perfect. But let’s face it. Is it even possible to get everything right when you’re just starting out?

That’s ri-di-cu-lous.
We like to compare ourselves to others, maybe we even have role models, and we can’t measure up. But that’s completely normal because they have been at it for a long time.

We only see how awesome they are now.
We missed the struggles, the “not so great” content and the “not so pretty” design or video quality.

I watched a hair tutorial on Youtube once that was a few years old. Beauty channels aren’t my thing, but I’m grateful that they exist.

They can come in handy – even for me. Anyway, after I watched the first video, I checked out the girl’s channel.

It was amazing how much everything had changed. She looks like a totally different person. The first year(s) were amateur: little make-up, no filter, cheap camera, old-fashioned bathroom.

Now, everything looks professional, clean and pretty, as on all the other great channels.

We have to go through the “unfiltered phase” to improve.
And if we look back in a year and feel embarrassed by what we published in the beginning – awesome!

That means we actually got better during the course of the year.

Don’t worry and don’t hold back. We can only learn by putting ourselves out there.

We can’t be great if we never even start!

With that in mind happy starting to you all,


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