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Self-Promotion Feels Icky. Here’s Why You Must Do It

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Let’s face it. Promoting yourself feels icky.
You probably have someone in mind who never shuts up about their exploits.

No one likes a show-off. And boasting usually backfires.

So, how could self-promotion ever be good?

For women, the resistance is even greater. After all, we are expected to be humble (see this Forbes article). So we worry more about a potential backlash.

But also, women

  • fear that self-promotion makes them less likable
  • feel guilty if they put themselves first
  • think they look bad if they’re confident
  • resist building a personal brand
  • shy away from networking

So, we shouldn’t be proud of our achievements. And we should talk about them even less.

But here’s the thing…

Without self-promotion, you are invisible. And you can forget your business and career goals.

Self-promotion is about connecting the right people with the value you offer, so they can benefit from it. For that, you must be visible!

So, promoting yourself is not bragging. It’s instrumental to your success!

If you don’t promote yourself – you’ll lose

You underestimate how important it is to advocate for yourself.
Sure, you passionately promote others. No problem.
But you downplay your own accomplishments.

You want your hard work and dedication to speak for themselves. Why shout your value from the rooftops, right?

Unfortunately, this mentality hurts you.

If you don’t mention your achievements, people won’t notice.

If you don’t network, your career or business can’t flourish.

So, here are 5 reasons why you must put yourself in the spotlight.

1.Self-promotion is necessary to get work

You need it for:

  • Finding clients
  • A promotion or performance review
  • Job hunting
  • Getting booked
  • Getting elected

People won’t know you exist if you don’t promote yourself.
If you want to convince, you must first be found.

Can people find you?

2. Self-promotion gives the people information they need

Promotion is all about connecting people, needs, and skills.

If you don’t tell people what value you offer, they won’t know. Not a great plan, right?

Your skills may be precisely what they need!
It’s your job to promote yourself and give people the information they can’t find themselves.

Promote yourself to connect with the right people
If you don’t promote your skills, it’s like you don’t have them

Tell them all they need to know about how you can improve their lives.

How can you convince them?

You handle so many tasks and projects that it’s difficult to remember everything you accomplish.

That’s why it’s important to keep track when they happen.

Make a list

How did your actions lead to success?

You may be convinced that your company would benefit from promoting you. But they could be unaware of your skills and accomplishments…

Arguing that you’re good at your job, is subjective.
A detailed list gives you credibility.

Do you have a list?

3. Self-promotion builds trust

Trust is earned.

In an ideal world, great work is rewarded without any self-promotion.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Unless you have a very attentive boss, you must start promoting yourself.

You know that you put your heart and soul into your job.
But your boss or clients don’t always see it.

People are busy with their own stuff

Your hard work should be obvious, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

So you have to tell them.
You tend to downplay your value because you don’t want to come across as arrogant.

Unfortunately, that’s not how you gain credibility and trust.

So, if the thought of self-promotion still makes you feel uncomfortable, try this:
Tell them how your knowledge and skills help them.

Focus on their benefits. This draws attention away from you and emphasizes why they should care.

Trust is built over time.
It’s hard work – including telling people what you do (for them).

4. Your competition has no scruples

Some people are so good at “self-promotion” they take credit for things you did.
Without blinking an eye.

I had a colleague once who had no shame whatsoever.
She claimed my ideas were hers, even though I was with her in the meetings. So imagine what happens behind your back.

You see…

You never know what your competition is up to.

And you’re always competing.
For attention. A position. Recognition.

But even if your competition is hardworking and honest like you… if they promote themselves, and you don’t… you become invisible.

Promote yourself or be invisible
Promote yourself or be invisible

Do you want to be invisible?

5. You have to stand out

Let’s face it. You can’t avoid self-promotion.
Not if you care about reaching your potential.

If you don’t “advertise”, you’ll be stuck. You’ll be one of many; lost in the crowd.

Not promoting yourself, is like waving to someone in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does!

It’s time to tell people how you’re different.
What makes you special enough to deserve what you want?

Own it!

Why are you the best person for the job?
If you don’t tell people, how will they know? If you want success, you must promote yourself.

Promote yourself and build a network
Show up and build your network

Do you want to look back in 20 years and say, “at least, I was humble”?

The trick for unicky self-promotion

Hard work and dedication are the foundation of success.

But you’re wasting your potential if you don’t tell people about your value and your skills.

And if that makes you feel like an imposter, discover how to beat the imposter syndrome here.

So what can you do when you get palpitations just thinking about promoting yourself?

It’s time for a fresh perspective!

Self-promotion isn’t really about you – even if the word starts with self.
It’s about the people you serve with your skills.

Focus on how you help others.

You can’t have a positive impact if no one knows about you.
You’re doing the people who need you a favor by giving them a chance to find you.

Shine a light on yourself, so they can benefit from your expertise.

Promoting yourself isn’t bragging. It’s about connecting the right people with the value you offer, so they can benefit from it. So, be visible!

I hope this post helps you feel more comfortable.
So, happy self-promoting everyone,

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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