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Find your tribe to nail this habit you can’t stick to

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Sticking to new habits is hard

How often do you get frustrated because you just can’t seem to get a grip on this virtuous habit you wish you had?

After several attempts and failing miserably, it feels like there’s just no way you could ever stick to it.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Most of you probably heard this statement at one point or another.

Today, I came across a slightly related, interesting theory by “Atomic Habits” author James Clear. If you want to cultivate a habit that doesn’t come naturally, you should

“Create or join a tribe where your desired habit is the norm”.

Find your tribe for positive influence

What I like best about this idea, is that you can actively reach out to people for whom it’s second nature to do certain things or to behave in a specific way. This will rub off on you and it’s true for personal, as well as professional goals.

And it also applies when you are the only one in your immediate environment who seems to care about a certain habit.

You want to get stuff done and are bursting with great ideas for change, but your colleagues and bosses can’t be bothered?

Thanks to apps like Meetup or the internet in general, it’s never been easier to find like-minded people who actually walk the walk.

  • Want to be more creative? Find yourself an inspiring, creative crowd
  • Feel like you could use better organizational skills? Spend time with great project managers
  • Aspire to live healthier and get your butt off the couch? Reach out to health enthusiasts
  • Love music and need to practice more? Maybe you can join a band and have some fun

Whatever it is, if you find your tribe, it will be that much easier to do great things.

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So get out there!

Who wouldn’t want to be around inspiring and positive people who get you, and who naturally make you a better version of yourself?

And for more ideas on how to make good habits stick, check out “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

I think his marble jar method is great, too. It occasionally lets you have a reward when you annoying tasks that don’t bring you any gratification for doing them.

They are important in the long run.
So to encourage and reward now, you put 100 marbles in a jar. 10 of those should be in a special color or visually different from the others.

When you finished your uneventful, tedious task, you get to pick a marble from the jar (no peeking!).
If it’s one of the regular marbles, nothing happens. You just leave it out of the jar.

But if you picked one of the special marbles, you get a reward. This can be a bubble bath, ice cream, a Netflix session, time to read a few pages in the book you like…

It can be anything. This way, you sometimes get a surprise reward even for ordinary tasks.

That can help you immensely in keeping your motivation. And the rewards stay random since you have to do these tasks anyway.

I hope you found this Learning Ninja post helpful and that you will nail your new habits now.
Have a great day and share any tips you have to make new habits stick!

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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