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You can’t fit in when you stand out

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Same is lame

If you naturally stand out, why try and fit in? Learning Ninja is all about making you feel good about yourself. Everyone should be appreciated for who they are.

The right people will find you – because you got exactly what they need.

Everyone is getting better, faster, stronger. This makes it so much harder to still find true differentiators.

Let me give you an example

For an industry conference, I stayed at a hotel this week.

It had one of these little cards in the bathroom saying they will plant a tree if you use your towels again – instead of having them laundered every day.

When they first thought of differentiating through environmental friendliness, it was inspired.

But other hotels caught up with this, and now, it no longer sets them apart that much.

Been there, done that

“Oh look, they’re offering this, too!”

It doesn’t seem fair that others can just copy your ideas, but often, that’s what happens. Especially now with the internet, when it’s so easy to see what everyone is doing.

Sometimes it’s heartbreaking. You came up with a clever idea, then others use it, too. In the end, no one remembers where it came from.

And you no longer have a differentiator. But that’s how it works.

So if you are quirky, fierce or bubbly – own it!

Fierce claw scratches

If, for example, you work in an otherwise rather formal B2B company, a bubbly personality can be so refreshing.

Most companies are scared to add a personal touch to their communication. They talk about themselves in the third person and everything is formal and passive.

They worry they will look unprofessional and less qualified if they write like an actual person. God forbid if you dare to sprinkle in some humor or personality.

Don’t you love it when you come across a company with a real voice? Especially in engineering, technology, the medical sector or others, who typically use standard corporate talk.

And let’s be honest, that’s often pretty dull. Lighten up, you dusty corporate companies! You shouldn’t be so neutral and cold.

Of course, professionalism is important but you’re trying to connect with actual people.

Check out this blog post on how jargon is bad news

Don’t be bland

If you’re a bit different, own it! Not everyone has to like you. The right people will! And the relationship will actually deeper and more real because they specifically like your style. This can be very liberating.

You can’t fit in when you stand out. Would you rather be vanilla?


Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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