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7 Motivation Hacks to Stay Excited About Your Goals

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Oh, those sweet goals and dreams you never manage to see through…
But with the following motivation hacks, you can easily increase your motivation – and stay excited about your goals.

Most define self-motivation as “finding the will to do what needs to be done without anyone telling them so.”

So how can you stay motivated and excited when you just don’t feel like it?

Your environment plays a huge role in helping you achieve your goals. Just as the wrong environment makes it much harder.

Set yourself up for success – with the following motivation hacks that help you stay excited about your goals.

Let’s dive into our 7 motivation hacks

Hack 1. Get a new workspace

When I got a custom desk for my home office, it led to other changes, and now it’s an entirely different place.

I’m literally in a pantry closet, so it’s tiny. Like, for real!
But it’s beautiful.

I love it.
And I’m always excited to work in here.

And I want this happiness for you, too.

Is your desk (or the place you sit down to work) inviting?
Is it beautiful, inspiring, and motivating?

Just imagine how it feels to get super excited to work on something.
Like you can’t wait to get things done!

Motivation Hacks to stay excited about your goals

My desk is a perfect size. I have a comfortable office chair, a pretty green plant, and motivating pictures and quotes on the wall.

You want to feel happy when you sit down to get to work.

So turn your workspace into a source of motivation.
How can you improve it, so you feel inspired to work on your goals and dreams?

A positive workplace has a huge impact on your attitude.

Hack 2. Get visual to increase your motivation

This is a visual motivation hack to keep your goals top of mind.

Start your day reviewing your goals. And put visual cues like inspiring quotes, motivational posters, pictures & vision boards in all the important places.

Such as your mirror, the fridge, car, phone, or computer…
Anywhere you’ll see it during the day.

Hack your motivation with visual cues to stay excited
Hack your motivation with visual cues

These visual cues will tell your brain that your goals matter.

Regular reminders are crucial. Otherwise, your brain may forget that you wanted to change your life.

Simple motivation hacks to make your environment inspiring

  • Choose a motivational background for your phone and desktop
  • Set reminders and alarms to create good habits
  • Follow motivational blogs
  • Decorate your home or office with images that represent your goals
  • Declutter your home
  • Stick inspiring sticky notes everywhere
  • Follow people you admire on Social Media

Tiny triggers in your environment influence your behaviors and moods.
It happens in your subconscious, so you’re unaware of it.

Are you sure that your triggers help you stay excited? If not, change them.

Hack 3. Get decluttered

Organizing and cleaning are also motivation hacks. Even if you’d rather do anything else.

When you’re super busy or feeling lazy, things tend to pile up on your desk and in your home.

This mess signals to your brain that you have to get a grip on it…which adds stress and demotivation.

Even if you don’t mind a little chaos…

Your brain has visual “proof” that you lack motivation and that working on your goals is useless.

That’s why decluttering can help a lot. Not only will you find things easier, but you’ll show your brain that you mean business.

Stay excited with these motivation hacks - declutter
Stay excited and declutter your space

You’ll feel ready to take on your goals.

Now if that doesn’t increase your motivation…
At the very least, keeping your space organized will reduce your visual “lazy” cues.

Here is a great article on creative ways to declutter if you need help.

Hack 4. Find motivating music

Few things can increase your motivation like music!

Did you know that soft background music boosts your productivity and helps keep you focused?

Music improves your focus, productivity, and mood

Music gives you a rhythm. An anchor point, so your mind doesn’t wander.

And it keeps you motivated because you don’t get bored.

Don’t listen to your favorite songs, though.

Instrumental music works better because lyrics can be distracting. Especially if you have to concentrate on your task.

The goal of motivational techniques is to finally get things done, right?!

Don’t risk getting sidetracked by the fantastic new songs you didn’t know.

So type “Music relax, work, study, focus, concentration, motivation, uplifting, inspiring” on YouTube or Spotify, and find a playlist that works for you.

Maybe you’ll also like spa music or birds and rain sounds.

Hack 5. Get consistent (2 motivation hacks in 1)

Section your workspace

If you can, section your workspace to help with your motivation.

I’m not using this technique myself, but it might help you.
The idea is that you do certain tasks in certain areas (or on specific devices) only.

For example, you only check Social Media on your phone.
Or only in the living room.

And when you write, design, or create, you do it at your desk. Or only on your laptop.
Whatever works best for you and your goals.

If you do this consistently, your brain will automatically get into the right frame of mind for the task.

You’re always doing creative work on your laptop at your desk? Sitting down there tells your brain to get into creative mode!

Stay excited with this motivation hack: section your workspace
Section your workspace to stay excited about your goals

Consistency Hack 2: Create a routine

Just as with the workspace sections, routines can be powerful to keep you excited.
And the idea behind this motivation technique is the same.

Routines are a set of behaviors you do in a particular way and a particular order.

They can work wonders to get you in the right head-space to do the tasks you don’t feel like doing.

So, create a routine that you consistently do every day.

If you stick to it, you take the guesswork out of the equation.

It won’t matter if you’re motivated to work on your goals.
It’s 7 am, so your routine says that this is what you’ll do now.

No excuses!

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Hack 6. Let lighting boost your motivation

This is important but not as easy to fix as the other tips.
Natural light is motivating because it greatly affects your mood and physical well-being.

Don’t you just love how you feel on a beautiful, sunny day? What about dark skies and rainy clouds?

When the sky is gloomy, you’re more likely to dream of your couch and a blanket, watching Netflix or reading a good book.

Fantastic natural light automatically increases your motivation.

Motivation hack to stay excited - Light up
Motivation hack to stay excited – Light up

This is essential when you want to get things done.
Higher levels of light make you feel more alert and productive.

Ideally, work in a room with a big window. Or sit outside when the weather allows it.

If you can’t change your window situation, you could add a daylight lamp instead.

Hack 7. Get empowered by reframing challenges

This motivation technique isn’t about your environment but your attitude.

Everything is fine when you’re doing activities you’re excited about. It’s fun, you enjoy yourself, and you don’t need a motivation hack.

But how can you motivate yourself when you don’t want to work on your goals?

Step 1: You realize that you always have a choice

You could just NOT do the thing. That’s always an option.

You could even say “no” to your boss [or your mom]. That’s your choice.

You don’t pick that option, though, because then you’d have to deal with the dire consequences.

Instead, you prefer to do the thing. Because it’s the smarter choice!

Step 2: You reframe what you’re doing

So, when you feel unmotivated, try reframing it and say that you get to do this task instead of having to do it.

I prefer doing this now, so…

  • I don’t get into trouble
  • I don’t feel guilty later
  • I don’t stress all day about my unfinished business
  • I can finally be done with this
  • I can be proud for sticking to my goals
  • I lead by example

It may sound simple – but it works. You are choosing to do it, after all.
Because it’s the better option.

Reframing it like this puts you in a better mood.
And if you’re in a better mood, you’ll feel more motivated to do other things.

So give reframing a try!

Stay excited about your goals

Of course, much of your motivation depends on internal factors. But it’s also highly influenced by outside factors you can change.

Set yourself up for success! Tweak your environment for your daily motivation, so you stay excited about your goals.

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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