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25 Healthy Morning Rituals For A Perfect Routine

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Highly successful people know… how you start your day determines the quality of your life.
So we’ll look at 25 healthy morning rituals to create the perfect routine for you.

And it’s not gulping down a bucket of coffee.
With the right morning routine, you’ll feel healthy, energized, and motivated.

Sneak peek of the healthy morning rituals categories

With this list, you’ll start your day productive and inspired. Even if you’re not a morning person.

Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have

Lemony Snicket

Not having healthy morning rituals is a mistake

You are disorganized and unproductive without a healthy morning routine.
You get less done, and the work piles up.
This adds stress to your life – causing poor sleep as you lie in bed worrying about your to-do list.

It’s a vicious cycle

The more tired you are, the less you will do. And the less you move your body.
Then you have to deal with poor physical condition on top of stress.

You also don’t have time to take care of yourself and prepare healthy meals. So you eat crappy food and feel miserable.

All this stress starts with not having healthy morning rituals.

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Take control of your day

The following list of 25 healthy morning rituals lets you take control of your day.

Pick the rituals you love and create your healthy morning routine.

“Start every morning off with a personal success ritual.” – Eben Pagan

Healthy Morning Rituals For A Perfect Routine

Morning Routine: How to start your day

Eating right and taking the time to slow down and plan in the morning is crucial to a productive day

David Moore

1. Wake up early

Although many successful people get up incredibly early, “rise and shine” may not be your motto.

If you typically roll out of bed to go to work, set your alarm earlier to give yourself time for your healthy morning rituals. No need for an extra hour at the crack of dawn, though.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier, and add more minutes each day until you have the extra time you need for your new routine.

It’s inspiring to be up during the quiet hours. Even if your energy didn’t get up with you.

Healthy Morning Rituals - Get up early
Healthy Morning Rituals – Get up early

2. Make your bed

Admiral William McRaven explains that making your bed accomplishes the first task of the day. This signals to your brain that you are an action taker.

You can check the first task off your to-do list, which motivates you to do more!

So this simple effort leads to another – which leads to another.
And before you know it, you’re highly productive.

All thanks to this little trigger that turns “making the bed” into a simple but effective morning ritual.

3. Take a cold shower

A jolt of icy water boosts your energy – if you can handle this healthy morning routine.

The adrenaline rush from the shock to your body triggers norepinephrine, which increases your heart rate, alertness, and focus.

Cold showers also build your mental toughness, which is beneficial to your overall mental health.

If you overcome your reluctance to step under the icy stream, you’ll conquer other challenges more easily, too.

4. Drink lemon water

After a good night’s sleep, you need to hydrate your body.

Drink lemon water as part of your healthy morning routine
Drink lemon water as part of your healthy morning routine

If plain cold water is boring, you can flavor it with lemon slices. It’s a neat trick to sneak in hints of vitamin C, too.

For more flavor, prepare your lemon water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add honey for sweetness. Or ginger for some extra punch.

Now, some people prefer warm water or green tea. That’s all fine.
This healthy morning ritual is about keeping you hydrated.

5. Prepare a healthy breakfast

Skipping breakfast is bad. You need fuel to be at your best.

Plus, nourishing your body feels fantastic. A nutritious breakfast gives you the energy you need to tackle your morning.

So, instead of skipping breakfast, skip soulless, sugary junk.
And opt for healthy food for your morning routine.

Healthy Morning Rituals: Make your routine distraction-free

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it

Richard Whately

6. Forget your phone

Don’t touch your phone!

Too many distractions are waiting to suck you in.
A few seconds here. A tiny “I’ll just read this quickly” there… and your morning routine is ruined.

It’s incredible how productive you are if you ignore your phone.

7. Ignore your inbox

The same is true for your inbox. Never start your day reading emails.

You want a consistent routine to control your morning and master your day!

The minute you check your inbox, other people ruin your plans.

8. Skip Social Media

If you want to be productive and create the life of your dreams, social media is not your friend.

Set specific times when you get to check your feeds.
And don’t do it first thing in the morning.

9. Don’t watch the news

This is another morning routine tip where you don’t do something.

If you get easily upset or distracted, skip the morning news.
How can you be positive and focused if you start your day with disasters?

Obsessing over the news makes you less productive.
You don’t want your mind to wander… but to concentrate on activities that bring you success!

Healthy Morning Rituals: Skip the News
Healthy morning routine: Skip the news

Healthy Morning Rituals: Get your body moving

Starting my day with exercise gives me a big mood and energy boost throughout the day and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something right off the bat

– Jake Knapp

10. Start with light exercise

It’s time to let your body know the night’s over. Luckily, this healthy morning ritual only takes 5 minutes.

Gently wake up your muscles with a light stretching exercise.
Then add a few, quick movements to get your heart rate up.

This increases your energy levels, so you start your day brimming with vitality.

If you’re hardcore, you can throw on your gym clothes for a full workout.

11. Go for a walk

An early morning walk is an inspiring way to start your day – and soak up natural light.

Feel the crisp morning air, listen to the birds, and enjoy the peace as nature is waking up, too.

And if you’re outside at the crack of dawn, you can watch the sunrise with its vibrant colors take over the morning sky.

This is a fantastic healthy morning routine for fresh air and light exercise.
Your day can only be incredible after this.

Healthy Morning Rituals: Early morning walk
Healthy Morning Rituals: Early morning walk

12. Start your day with yoga

Even a few minutes of yoga help your body wake up properly.
It’s a great practice to keep your mind alert and focused on the day ahead.

A daily routine like the sun salutation has the advantage that you don’t have to concentrate.
You can follow the sequence of movements in an (almost) meditative state.

Healthy Morning Rituals: Prepare your mind

The biggest task in the morning is to try to keep my headspace from being invaded by the outside world

Austin Kleon

13. Meditate

Meditation is a popular morning routine of the world’s most successful people. And they know what they’re doing.

Benefits of meditation:

  • reduce stress
  • control anxiety
  • promote emotional health
  • improve sleep
  • be mindful

Meditation is wonderful for tuning out the constant chatter.
A calm mind helps you handle stress – because you have the mental energy to tackle challenges. And to focus on your goals.

Since meditating early sets the tone for your day, make it part of your healthy morning routine.

14. Set intentions

What do you want to achieve today? How’d you like your day to go?
Answer these questions because intentions give you control and accountability.

Every morning, you decide how you’d like things to go. And that affects your behavior because you no longer run on autopilot.

You can set intentions for a tangible result – or pick an emotional goal like being compassionate.
When someone upsets you, you remind yourself of your intention to be compassionate.
And you’ll try to be more understanding.

15. Do daily affirmations

Your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so don’t let them run on autopilot.

Use positive affirmations to reprogram the negative patterns in your mind.
Over time, you’ll believe the positive statements because they encourage and inspire you.

Take 5-10 minutes every day to repeat your favorite affirmations like you truly mean them.

Because here’s the secret…

Your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.
That’s why acting “as if” works.

  • My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite
  • Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good
  • I possess the qualities needed to be successful
  • I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen
  • Every action I take brings me closer to my goals
  • I’m excited about my work and appreciate the freedom it gives me

When you write your own affirmations, make sure you state your desired result in the present tense. Like it’s true now.

Have fun with this healthy morning ritual and positively brainwash yourself.

16. Listen to uplifting music

Music has a huge impact on how you feel.

So, enjoy uplifting music to get you in the mood to master your day.
And it’s convenient because you can listen to it while you’re doing something else.

So, make it part of your daily routine. Turn on your favorite songs and enjoy!

Daily routine: Make music part of your morning rituals
Healthy routine: make music part of your morning rituals

Healthy Morning Rituals For A Writing Routine

17. Keep a dream journal

A dream journal is precisely what it sounds like.

You write down what you remember from your dreams last night while they’re fresh in your mind.
For some people, that’s a lot – others remember (almost) nothing.

Dream journaling is powerful because…

Your dreams often relate to events in your life. And they give you clues about issues you weren’t aware of.

So, after a while of dream journaling, you’ll start to recognize themes and patterns that will allow you to process your emotions.

Keeping a journal also signals to your brain that you care about remembering your dreams – so it will pay more attention to them.
And you’ll remember more.

18. Write morning pages

Every morning, you write 3 full pages (by hand) about what’s on your mind. You pour it all out.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

This may take 30-40 minutes.

You want to get to the nitty-gritty of your thoughts.
Don’t worry about sounding smart. You don’t need to write sentences that make sense.
So don’t censor yourself.

Just write, write, write.

Julia Cameron insists you must do this first thing in the morning.
Before your ego messes with your honesty.

For this healthy morning ritual to work, you must be vulnerable and true to yourself.
If you feel uncomfortable about your pages, you burn them after you’re done.

You want to get everything out, so you can take action – not keep your pages for future reference.

Morning Pages for healthy morning rituals
Morning Pages for healthy morning rituals

19. Make a gratitude list

For a gratitude list, you write down everything you’re grateful for.

You may not be inspired at first…

But when you think of the positive things you appreciated, your brain will look for similar experiences.
Then, the memories of people and experiences you’re grateful for will flow.

This positive energy improves your mood. And you realize that good things are happening.
Imagine how much better your day could be if you start with gratitude.

Healthy Morning Rituals: Set your priorities

You’ve got to wake up each day and understand what that day is about; you’ve got to have personal goals. If you do not have goals, you will not achieve them

Cary Cohn

20. Journal

Do you live intentionally, or do you run on autopilot?

Journaling is a great ritual to get you off autopilot and help you master your day.

You can use your success journal in the evening to reflect on your day.
Or write in the morning to set your intentions.

You can even include a section on gratitude.

Journaling prompts for a healthy morning routine
Make journaling part of your healthy morning routine

21. Review your goals

Your goals must be clear and visible to keep them top of mind.

It’s also important that you go over them regularly.

Reviewing your goals could be part of your morning routine.
Take a few minutes in the morning to remind yourself what you want to achieve.

Focus is critical, so make sure you don’t get distracted!

22. Use the 80-20 rule to Fill in your daily goal planner

The 80-20 rule (or Pareto Principle) states that 20% of your actions generate 80% of your results.

Use the 80-20 rule to set the right priorities in the morning
Use the 80-20 rule to set the right priorities in the morning

So what does this mean?

Only 20% of what you do greatly impacts your life.
The other 80% (!) waste time, but the results don’t matter much.

This is why priorities are crucial to your success!

You must identify your big impact tasks and make them a priority every day.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities

Stephen Covey

Set your priorities every morning, and work on critical tasks when you’re most productive.
You can use the Ninja daily goal planner or a simple to-do list.

Time Management Hacks increase your productivity even more.

Morning Routine: Train your mind

Your brain is like a big muscle you can train. So set up some good habits that exercise your brain, too.

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning

Meister Eckhart

23. Write down 10 ideas every morning (even terrible ones)

Here’s a terrific tip for more creativity: Write down 10 ideas every day about a topic you choose.

It’s critical to let stupid ideas flow to uncover the good ones. So, don’t obsess about doable, reasonable, and smart.

Be brave enough for crappy ideas.
No one will know.

This fun morning ritual boosts your creativity, your courage – and uncovers great ideas, too.

24. Listen to a podcast / audiobook

Highly successful people never stop learning. And podcasts or audiobooks are excellent resources for this.

As with music, you can conveniently listen to them while you prepare in the morning (or on your commute).
With audio, you’ll expand your knowledge effortlessly.

25. Learn a new word

Learning one new word a day is doable, right?
You can use it to expand your own vocabulary or learn a foreign language.

Your progress may seem slow, but it will add up if you do this consistently.
You know, 365 new words are quite useful.

To speak at a basic level, 300-500 words are enough.
So get ready for a vacation in your favorite country with just one word per day.

Qué guay!

I hope you enjoyed this list.

You’ll improve your day by dedicating some time to positive energy and planning in the morning.

So use these 25 healthy morning rituals to create the perfect routine.

Which of these practices do you like best? What will you try first?

Have fun with your daily routine,

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

Make this list of healthy morning rituals better

Which morning rituals did I forget? What’s your perfect healthy morning routine?

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