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How What If’s Make Your Life Absolutely Miserable

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“Don’t leave a stone unturned. It’s always something to know you have done the most you could” – Charles Dickens

Regrets like “could have”, “should have”, and “would have” are the worst… because you’ll never know how things would have turned out.

Ensure your peace of mind

Looking back, you never want to wonder what could have been “if only you had tried harder”.

It will only drive you crazy…

Because there’s no way to verify whatever story your mind makes up.
And blaming yourself won’t change the outcome anyway.

It takes courage and resilience to try everything you can possibly think of.

That’s because no one wants to look like a (needy) idiot.

But if the outcome matters to you, you simply have to try.

Try it again, Sam

So ask again for that

  • raise
  • meeting
  • budget
  • promotion
  • date
  • mentor

And if they still say “no”, you’ll at least gain clarity.

Discovering that you’re asking the wrong people can also be tremendously helpful.

Now, imagine you don’t ask your boss again… because you don’t want to look pushy.

Years can go by before you realize that you’ll never get what you deserve.

You didn’t try everything. And so your brain keeps telling you “well, if you did this, I’m sure they would say yes”.

That’s how you remain hopeful – maybe for no good reason.

But when you truly give it your all, you can be assured that you tried.

And that’s such a relief.

You won’t ever have to ask yourself “if only…”

So, even if it takes you completely out of your comfort zone, you will get peace of mind in return.

And that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

So what are you going to try?

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