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It’s crucial to relax and recharge

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“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” by Lao Tzu

Sometimes, we can confuse being busy with being productive.
You can be busy all day, and not get anything done.

Some even wear “being busy” as a badge of honor.
It feels good to know that you are a hard worker who has so much on their plate.

There are many reasons why we keep ourselves busy.
Being busy can actually be a form of procrastination.
And it can be fear based. It’s actually quite sneaky.

So are you busy or productive?

You’ve probably done this, too.
“So, did you make any progress on your assignment?”
“No, but all my clothes are now perfectly folded and sorted by color, including my sock drawer…”

It can be sales calls, homework, housework, networking, self-promotion, making an important decision, launching your own business…

When we worry and stress about something, we postpone it.
Some will spend hours on Social Media or Netflix, others will work on (less important) tasks.

Instead of keeping yourself busy avoiding the stuff you really need to do, why not try to actually do nothing?
Busywork drains your energy and can make you resentful.

It’s good to lay back and relax so you can recharge your batteries and clear some headspace.
This will allow you to tackle whatever you need to do.

It’s okay to rest and to consciously do nothing.
This will be more beneficial to you than doing busywork that doesn’t get you anywhere.

It’s easy to get stuck in work that has little value.
Once you understand this, you’ll know if you’re actually creating value or if you’re wasting precious hours every day on low value tasks.

It’s crucial to relax. So are you ready to do nothing?

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