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Get What You Want & Create a Fantastic Life

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It has never been easier to get what you want. The internet truly leveled the playing field.

Thanks to the internet, everyone gets a chance

Do you ever stop and think about how much the internet impacts our lives?
I mean really think about it?

When you tell yourself that life is hard and that you can’t succeed because you have too many obstacles, I’d like you to think again.
It’s never been easier to get what you want.

Get the life you want thanks to the digital age

You can choose your friends

As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Before the internet, you were mostly stuck with the people who were physically close to you. Not a lot of choice if they weren’t that great.

Basically you were limited to a neighborhood, your neighbors, colleagues or classmates, your family, friends, team/club members or maybe people you met on a trip.

Nowadays, if you don’t get along that well with the people around you, you can find and connect with people on the internet who are like you and who get you.

Valuable input to get what you want

And not only that. If you listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos or read blog posts it’s also a bit like hanging out with these people.

Even if you don’t have a live conversation with them you’re still listening to them and getting value from it.

They inspire you and give you practical tips so you can work on your own success.

If you don’t have a mentor or a coach, it really is the next best thing.
And all you need to do is click a button and get help on how to get what you want.

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You can choose who you work for

Before our current era, your job had to be relatively close to home. This also very much limited the choices you had.
Your boss was a jerk? The company culture was terrible?

You had to get over it or at least clench your teeth and continue working there because you couldn’t just move town and work somewhere else.

We have higher expectations for our jobs today because we can.
You’re miserable in your job?
Your chances of professional growth or the company culture are bad?

You no longer have to tolerate that. You can get what you want.
There surely is a better fitting company that you can work for.

And thanks to home office arrangements and remote work you don’t even have to be physically close anymore.

Of course, everyone has their own situation that will influence how much freedom they have to switch jobs.
But for many of us, it’s become much easier to find a more fulfilling career.

Travel was pretty complicated before

If you wanted to go on a trip before, everything was more expensive as well, because you couldn’t do much yourself.

You needed a travel agency. If you went somewhere new, you probably couldn’t just call a hotel and book a room.

How would you even find the address and phone number of hotels beforehand?
And how would you know if it was a nice hotel with a good location?

You needed an agency to show you the catalogs, book everything and tell you how much it would cost you.

Get what you want: it's so much easier to travel

Now, travel is easy to arrange

Now, you can book your trip through all different kinds of services.

You can check out pretty much everything you want while you’re sitting on your couch. You probably don’t think twice about this.

Especially Airbnb makes everything super flexible because now the supply of great rentals is so much greater than traditional hotels, hostels, and Bed&Breakfasts that might be fully booked already.

You usually have quite a few travel options for different budgets as well.
And with accessible air travel for almost everyone, you also save a lot of time compared to before.

This means that it’s really easy for you to go somewhere. Whether it’s for a class, a conference, or a business trip in general.

You can fly halfway around the world and still organize everything yourself at a relatively low budget.

It’s more accessible than ever to get what you want. “I can’t go” has become much less of an issue.

Get what you want saving time and money

Imagine you wanted to tell people about your business before.
To write sales letters, they had to be written, printed and sent via physical mail.

You needed a writer, a graphic designer, a printing shop, and then you needed to send them out with postage costs (obviously you still need this if you send mail).

Today, everything is incredibly easier. In most cases, all that’s required are a few clicks and you got what you need because digital content often is enough.

No need to be a pro

If you simply want a few beautiful images, you can totally do it yourself now.

Thanks to free design apps like Canva, and image sites like Pexels or Unsplash it doesn’t even cost you anything.

Need a pretty flyer, a great banner or a cool invitation? Simply choose a template and tweak it until you’re happy!

If you want something amazing and unique, you still need professionals to help you.

Great graphic designers, copywriters, website designers, and marketers know what they are doing and will take you to the next level.

But if you’re just starting out or you’re on a tight budget, you can do a lot yourself.

The free apps and websites like Wordpress are enough to get you started, create pretty material, and show up consistently.

Little by little, you can reach your goals and get what you want.

You can learn just about anything

Before the internet, it was a privilege to be able to learn and to specialize in something.
We simply didn’t have access to the information.

You either had to take very expensive classes that many can’t afford or you needed to find costly books on your specific topic.

If you couldn’t spend years in college because you had to earn your living you just didn’t get access to those things.

Beautiful old library shelf vs. Internet

Today, you can find pretty much anything online which makes it so much easier to get what you want.

Tutorials, webinars, courses, podcasts, blogs – you name it. About almost any topic on earth.

And even if you prefer a real class with a private coach or teacher, often you can do it online.

Distance learning makes it much more convenient because now you can do it in your free time.

There’s no need for a strict schedule, which can be difficult to organize around. You simply learn when you’re available.

Choose your teachers well

Obviously, not all content out there is worth your time.
Since it’s so easy now to create material you can find a ton of mediocre stuff so you have to be careful what you get yourself into.

It can be daunting to sift through all the information and noise until you find the one nugget that makes it worth your while.

But I’d rather do that than go back to a time where you were basically stuck.
What do you think?

Time to get what you want

Top 7 goal mistakes Learning Ninja Improve yourself ⋆ Improve your life


Feeling stuck? Join our FREE email course to uncover the top 7 goal mistakes that sabotage your success!

There really are no excuses why you can’t get what you want.
There’s a reason why so many people succeed in building their own business or live successful lives.

You have instant access to almost everything you need.
The internet made life so much easier, faster, and cheaper for all of us.

And even if there are still things you can’t do instantly, you still get access to information and people you could only have dreamed of before.

The internet is an amazing gift that truly leveled the playing field.
Everybody gets a chance at success if you’re willing to invest in yourself.

You still have to be determined and 100% committed but you have options and possibilities older generations simply didn’t have.

It would be almost disrespectful to waste your opportunity and not get what you want.

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

PS: If you need help identifying what it is you want, you can read this article on how to create your dream life and download your free vision workbook 4-pager.

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