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Pay attention to your energy for a more positive life

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“Read the room” could also be called “feel the room”. Your energy introduces you before you even speak.

Usually, you can pick up on different vibes instinctively. It’s important to be aware of your energy, for a more positive life.

Maybe you already are a balanced person. Nothing and nobody can shake your energy.

When you’re in a good mood, you are in a good mood – and no one can change that.

If this is the case, I’m impressed. Depending on who I’m talking to, or sometimes even who is in the room with me, my energy gets influenced.

Thankfully, it goes both ways. When I’m a bit grumpy in the morning and I talk to genuinely happy people, it usually lifts me up.

Maybe you’re just now thinking of someone you know like this.

Some colleagues or friends are always in a good mood, and you can feel that it’s for real.
They are not chatty or annoying in any way, they make you appreciate that you get to say hello to them.

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But what about the other end of the stick?
When you are in a good mood and someone comes along and you can feel his frustration, anger or whatever negative emotion it is.

Someone in my close environment is often anxious and annoyed. Every little thing is always a big (horrible) deal. You can feel how the energy level in the room drops.

Obviously, this person often is no fun to be around. He is so used to feeling like that, that he doesn’t even realize how unhealthy it is.
So much negativity.

Bad vibes, or good vibes, are a real thing. It’s not simply an expression. Wouldn’t it be great if your energy was so good that people come to see you because they love your energy?

Maybe that’s already your case.

Or this whole energy management is new or still a bit difficult to get a grip on. Just try to pay attention and improve every day.

Little by little, you will be able to handle things that would have made you wobble before. Of course, this takes a lot of practice.

It seems so normal to complain, to feel down and commiserate with others.

We need to put in time and effort to break out of these old patterns. You consciously need to stop and ask yourself “is this situation worth that I feel bad”?

Often, we feel bad about things we have no control over.

It’s a complete waste of positive energy. You can’t control the situation, but you can work on how it makes you feel.

The more often you feel positive energy, the more positive your life will turn out.

Lotus as a symbol of positive energy

One of my former colleagues was often hurtful and negative. Calling other people or their work “disgusting, revolting, shameful…”.

The best option for me would have been to not be around her.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. So I ignored her comments as best I could. Don’t get worked up or hung up on idiots you can’t reason with to be nicer.

In a recent post I explained that I quit my job because of my incompetent new boss and no support from my other hierarchy.

And that I was at peace with this outcome. Last Wednesday was my last day at work.

Before I left, I said goodbye to my boss because that’s the polite way to leave your job.
We shook hands smiling and I wished him luck for the future. I surprised even myself.

Because I meant it. I went into his office to be polite, but then I went into genuine “full kindness”-mode. So weird…

But it felt so good. You get positively addicted to good-feeling energy. The better you get at managing and experiencing it, the less you tolerate bad vibes.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t feel down when something bad happens.

It just means that your overall energy will improve and it will feel great. You won’t fret about the little things as much.
It’s time to overcome the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome.

Your energy introduces you before you even speak. So make it a good one. Sparkle, shine and above all, be kind.
You’ll love it and other people will, too. More positive energy leads to a more positive life.

I hope this post can help you with your energy and that you’ll be your best self with your loved ones.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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