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Suck at Something or Never Crush Your Goals

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Do you dream of building your own business, but the idea stresses you out completely?

Do you want to:

  • make YouTube videos
  • start a Social Media channel
  • become a copywriter
  • have your own website
  • work as a photographer
  • start a blog…

…but you’re nervous about putting yourself out there?

What if people don’t like it? What if I’m no good?

You tend to put too much pressure on yourself and get paralyzed by premature perfectionism.

Don’t be scared to try

Here is a great quote that can help you get over the first blockage.

“Imagine you have 1 million words that are rubbish, and you have to get them out to get to the good ones…” – Neil Gaiman

How freeing is that?

It can feel absolutely daunting to start something new. Especially in a public space like the internet for everyone to see.

And so, you keep hearing this little voice in your head…

The one that’s insisting you wait until you’re ready.

Like R-E-A-D-Y.

You want to bring your A-game, but at the same time, you feel intimidated by the many successful people out there.

This can paralyze you for years.

Often it’s because you don’t feel worthy or interesting enough.

But here’s the thing…

The only one who gets to say if you’re worthy or not – is you!
All experts were beginners once.

And you know, how you feel about yourself is entirely up to you.

validation is motivating

Of course, we love a pat on the back and sweet validation from other people.

This proves that you’re doing it right. Even more so, if they are people you admire.

But it’s counterproductive to get trapped in a cycle where you need outside validation to feel worthy.

This will only keep you stuck.

That’s why the “1 million rubbish words” is such a wonderful concept.

It gives us permission to write (novels, Social Media posts, articles, corporate material…). Or permission to try new things in general.

This principle applies to anything. Think of 1 million

  • out of tune notes
  • botched meals
  • bad photographs
  • terrible designs

Of course, 1 million isn’t an exact number.

Because that would be awful.
So there’s no need to panic. It’s simply a concept.

No pressure, get it all out

It allows us to free ourselves from unrealistic expectations and to improve in the process.

No need for (instant) perfection.

Don’t be scared to start.

Practice is crucial to get better. No one improves through wishful thinking alone.

You have to put in the necessary time and effort.
Chances are, you will never be ready enough for your inner critic.

I wasted years before I finally started. So get started!

You’ll figure it out…


Improve yourself. Improve your life!

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